Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our users to fill out a quick survey and the answers were enlightening. Thanks for all the feedback and all the love! This page is an attempt to address some of the questions that came up. We've started with just a few of the most common questions, but keep an eye on this section as we will be updating it with more information in the future. Thank you for being so awesome!

Q: Why do so many listings have no images?

A: Because our data is as fresh as it gets. All our listing data comes originates from the MLS® and many REALTORS® list their properties before they have any photos to upload. You can switch on the "images only" option if you'd prefer to only see listings with images.

Q: Why did you lose the image-slideshow in the list? I liked it better when you could see each image from the list.

A: If you've been using our site for long time (thank you!) you may remember that we didn't use to have individual pages for each listing. When we added the individual listing pages we decided to remove the slideshow to keep things simple and fast.

Q: Why don't you have advanced search options?

A: Our philosophy with 40listings is to keep it as easy to use as we can. There are a lot of real estate search sites with complex search functionality, but we think part of what makes 40listings special is our dead-simple ease of use. That said, we are working on ways to introduce more advanced search features without compromising simplicity. Stay tuned for updates.

Q: Why do listings update sporadically? I check the site daily and sometimes there are lots of new listings, but sometimes there are none.

A: we update the site multiple times an hour with the newest info from the MLS®. The fluctuations you see in the timing of when new listings are added to the MLS® is just a natural part of the marketplace. When lots of real estate agents are updating their MLS® listings, our site will get lots of updates too. We have some functionality in the works that will let you "watch" a list and receive notifications when new listings are added.

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